Welcome to the studio!

EDD’s Place has officially been open for 2 months now, and I must say I’m absolutely LOVING it! I knew I wanted to be recording drums for artists and other musicians since I was a kid and now, my dreams have come true!


There’s a couple of things that I’ve just adored so far:

1. I’ve learnt so much!

In 2 months, I feel like my skill-set has doubled (it probably isn’t quite that much, but it certainly is the most I’ve felt in a while)!

I’m always an advocate of recording yourself on a dictaphone and listening back to get better, but I tell you what, when you’re playing for someone else, being paid for it, and under time pressure, it sure makes you up your game! I love it! Growth as a musician and a person is such an important thing to me!

2. Gaining completely new skills I never thought I’d understand!

Pre-studio, I would be on stage at gigs doing soundchecks with the FOH or monitor engineer on stage testing asking for numbers and what sounded like car rental companies to be taken out of the mix… I had no clue what numbers meant what, all I know is that they made it sounds great (most of the time!)! Now I understand! The power of EQ is astounding! I’m still learning lots of course, and every project and kit combination comes with its own different needs. it’s amazing!

3. The variety of music and musicians!

In the space of 3 days I recorded a Christmas song, a punk song, a bit of heavy metal and a song about a stray dog! I’ve always loved playing with new musicians, but this is like doing it on steroids! Playing live I’d usually have a day or so to readjust to whatever headspace the music required. In the studio it’s more like 20 mins or so! Love it!

Since these songs aren’t finished yet (the only downside of being a drummer and usually being the first one to record on a track), I’ll share with you some of their other offerings:

Michael Rattray

Joe Perkins


I’m learning how important it is to expand your horizons and experience, not just from a career point of view but a life fulfilment one too.

What’s the most challenging thing that you’ve learnt from?


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