Recording and References

One of the most important things to know as a musician is your references. This is most apparent in recording.

If someone gives me a track and says ‘I want it to sound like an old 60’s Beatles recording’, I know that I’m getting out my old Ludwigs, putting some coated heads on them, tuning them down, deadening them down, getting the oldest and thinnest cymbals I have, a felt beater on the kick… and this is long before I even THINK about how I’m going to then mic them and then play!

Ok so that track is done, phew, that was fun, now whats this next one I’ve been given? Oh right, reminds me of an Avenged Sevenfold track! Now where’s my double kick pedal, lets get my most modern sounding kit, a few more toms, some tones out of those toms, and a good crack off the snare! Now some close mic’s are essential here, and make sure I get a good click on that kick for definition. All about definition here!

I love it! To me, every track (if I’m given references or I make them myself) is like a puzzle to solve! I put on my deerstalker and get into Sherlock mode! What song does this sound like? Who played on that song? What kit did they use? How does the tuning sound? Where did they record it? What mics? How many? I just LOVE it!

I must say I’m extremely lucky that over the years I’ve had not just a huge exposure to different styles of music, but so much opportunity to play that music! That’s why I always urge aspiring musicians to get into covers bands. I learnt, and continue to learn so much from emulating other people’s songs, and other drummers style of playing. With that in mind, here’s a couple of songs I have recorded with the awesome KellyKo at my studio for his cover songs project. Hope you enjoy!

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