Want killer drums on your record?


Up to 16 individual multitrack drum stems for you to mix yourself.
Stereo Mix
Stereo Mix
Drums mixed and ready to be dropped straight into your project as a stereo file.
MIDI drums for your project, either played on a kit or programmed.

All drum tracks can be recorded in 44.1khz, 48khz, 88.2khz or 96khz

How Does It work?

Send your track

Use the online form or email with any notes or references you have.

I record

With my arsenal of various drums, mics and pre-amps I will record drums to your music.

We liase back and forth

Whether you prefer by email, phone or Skype, we will continue talking and tweaking until you are 100% happy.

You now have drums!


Request A Quote

Please fill in the form below to request a quote
If different from above
Give me all the info you can including any references of drum sound/beats you'd like recorded.
If you have a guide track I can listen to, please upload it here.